Reduced costly production down time and clean up

Greater suspension of lactose crystals in solution

Producing larger more uniformed lactose crystals

Improved lactose recovery

The Whey Treat Company

A Liquid Processing Agent for Whey

The Whey Treat Company is a subsidiary of FBC industries, Inc. For over 15 years, we have been manufacturing liquid whey processing aids to enhance production for the whey industry.

The minerals that cause "hardness" in water can also react to form deposits on the evaporator heat transfer surfaces during the processing of whey. The process by which a chemical compound, in aqueous solution, combines with a metal ion to form a water soluble, stable combination is called sequestration. Sequestration prevents the formation of undesirable precipitates and the occurrence of detrimental side reactions. During this process Whey Treat™ ties up hardness ions such as calcium, magnesium and iron in the incoming whey stream resulting in more efficient whey processing. All whey processing compounds have optimum ranges of chelation; however, Whey Treat™ is far superior to other available products, in the pH ranges desired.

Whey Treat™ is an excellent buffering agent; it exhibits a relatively constant pH or degree of alkalinity (or acidity) in solution. This ability to hold pH is independent of concentration and the temperature of the solution. This characteristic is beneficial during the processing of whey and whey products.

Benefits of Whey:

Whey Pro™ and Whey Teat HPT™ products increase evaporator run time for greater throughput. The improved heat transfer and reduced energy costs means increased pounds per hour, less soil load and reduced cleanup cycle. The result is less costly down time. Using Whey Treat products will improve lactose recovery and provide larger, more uniform lactose crystal formation.

The protein gel formation called, "pudding effect," is reduced. And the fallout of solids in condensed whey is dramatically reduced with improved suspension.

Whey Pro™ and Whey Treat HPT™ are available in the following packaging

55 gallon drums
275 gallon totes
Bulk tank trucks